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Ellie Personal Flight Assistant

app research and design

Determining the Issue

As an assignment, I was responsible for determining what frustrations occur with commercial flying. The purpose was to design an app that would help make flying a better experience for passengers. To discover this information and not have bias information a survey was preformed in which participants were asked what was frustrating about travelling by plane and why. The most critical issue found was when all the participants said they missed or almost missed a flight because of really short connection times or because of confusion with their flight information. Participants stated that the best flying experience was because of a smooth process and having minimal stress. It became evident that missing a flight is the biggest cause of frustration and stress among millennials while commercial flying. I undertook finding a solution to this issue.


the research

People need a way better way to track their travel information because they don’t want to miss a flight. I undertook designing an app that would help travellers get to security, customs and the gates they needed all in a set time frame to prevent missing flights. I also wanted to reduce the amount of documentation a user has to carry to prevent loosing important information. The last thing to consider was making the app easy to understand and simple to follow.

The production

The Ellie app, after scanning a boarding pass, produces a timed agenda of steps in the journey that direct the user to their destination. Each agenda item includes a map that will direct the user to that area in the airport. Their boarding pass (or passes) will have digital copies for easy access when needed. I also created a website for the app that describes how it functions to the user in simple steps and connects them to the App Store. The outcome is a better and easier flying experience for travellers.